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Air Handling Unit

INDEX-COOL MARINE & INDUSTRY provides full range of Air handling units specially designed for marine and offshore application. The units can be made up of modules that enable us to offer tailor-made to specific vessel and oil drilling unit. Our air handling units come in a selection of high/medium/low-pressure units, Single/dual duct units, with/without heating/ humidifier.

Unit is Available from

Air flow: 1000 - 55000 CMH
External Static Pressure: 300Pa - 2800Pa 

Steam/hot water/electrical/oil heating
Water/Steam humidifying

INDEX-COOL MARINE & INDUSTRY marine air handling units are delivered with all necessary accessories. The units need minimum installation work at site. The evaporation cooling coil, heat exchanger, heating coil and filters, as well as casing can be supplied with materials as per customer requirement.

Main Particulars 

Stainless Steel condensate drain pan
Casing made of galvanised or stainless steel 

High efficient thermal and acoustic insulation
Fan & Motor are mounted on vibration dampers, flexible connection is fitted at fan outlet
Assembled from a wide range of standard sections 
Totally customised Air handling unit is available upon customer request.