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Water / Air Cooled Chiller Units

INDEX-COOL MARINE & INDUSTRY supplies chiller units from Carrier, York, etc.

Main particulars various types of ecological refrigerant HFC R134a, R407C, they are proven, non-toxic, non-flammable refrigerant zero ODP and acceptable GWP
Screw / reciprocating compressors are available
Standard copper tube/Copper fin condenser for air cooled chillers, suitable for corrosive marine and 
offshore environment. Epoxy coating is available upon request.
Standard copper tube/tube plate condenser for fresh water cooled chiller, Cu/Ni or Alum/brass tube

For sea water cooled chiller condenser

Mechanically cleanable evaporator
Quality design and construction
Screw compressors and shrouded axial fans provide extremely quiet operation and low-vibration levels